Want to make a donation?

Proceeds and donations support Pound Pals Downriver, which is a 501 (c) (3) organization that funds veterinary care for injured or ill animals that come into the shelter.   Most of the injuries and illnesses are treatable, and with proper veterinary care, we are able to provide the means to rehabilitate these animals, and eventually place them in loving homes.  
Without dedicated volunteers, donations, and fundraisers many of these friendly, adoptable animals would otherwise be euthanized.  


If you would like to donate over the internet. One of the eaisest ways we have found to do so is through Paypal. Paypal is one of the most secure ways to pay online, you do not even need to have a registered account to make a donation. This account is linked to our Pound Pals Account. To learn more about that program and the animal that needs the most help, please follow the link on the bottom of the page and read their story.

Our wish list: Kitty litter, Cat food wet/dry, Soft pet beds, Dog food wet/dry, Pet safe rock salt, Hand sanitizer, Bleach, Dish soap, Black trash bags, Exam gloves sizes: S, M, L, Paper Towel(s), Clean blankets, Clean towels and wash cloths, Printer paper, Clorox wipes, Petkins paw wipes, Jars of baby food (meat), Paper plates and bowls, Dog and cat collars: all sizes, Fleece, Dog treats, Ceramic food bowls

Gift Cards: Feed Rite Pet Supplies (Lincoln Park, MI), Meijer, Sam’s club, Office supply stores, Gas cards

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